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Flat Polyester Lanyards From: £0.39/piece
The most popular type of lanyards when you want to print up to 4 colors, with a good quality and still a good price. You can choose as well if you want to print one or both sides.

Available in 4 dimensions ( from 10mm up to 25 mm) wich can offer you enough space for printing your brand logo or other marketing messages.

Pantone match option gives you the opportunity to choose from a large variety of colors which match your exactly brand colors. So you’ll never have to worry again about you’re your lanyard/print color customization.

Your flat polyester lanyards will be made with a high quality polyester material which will provide a long durability in time.

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DYE Sublimation Lanyards From: £0.45/piece
This type of lanyards can be printed full color with a photo print quality. The polyester material from which is made it's a good quality, soft, smooth and your artwork it's gonna look perfect on it.

You can print on both sides with no extra money which is a plus for you!

The material is very resistant at all rough factors as sunlight, humidity and intensive use.

Even if it's a little more expensive, your dye sublimation lanyards are gonna make a very good impression for your event and will create a brand awareness of your business.

This lanyards can be printed with complex logos or images to maximise the visual impact of your brand.

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  • Woven Personalised Lanyards 1
  • Woven Personalised Lanyards 1
  • Woven Personalised Lanyards 1
Woven lanyards are the perfect choice if you are looking for elegant personalised lanyards. For woven personalised lanyards we have available 4 width options ( from 10mm up to 25mm )

Your brand logo or message will be weaved into the Woven polyester lanyard. The process it is similar with the embroidery process.

Woven lanyards are the best choice for simple logos or text messages because of the weaving process and can be used with any type of attachment. The complex logos or text messages doesn’t work well on this type of lanyards.

This type of lanyards will maximise the visual impact of your brand and will give added value to your company/campaign.

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  • Tubular  Personalised Lanyards 1
  • Tubular  Personalised Lanyards 1
  • Tubular  Personalised Lanyards 1
Tubular Lanyards From: £0.39/piece
Your personalised tubular lanyards are made from high quality flat polyester material with pantone match option.

This product offer you a big value at an excelent price and is resembling shoe laces, that make it a very popular option for your branding campaign or event.

You can choose from two width variety ( 10mm and 15mm ) and up to 4 colours silk screen printing.

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Plain Lanyards From: £0.35/piece
Your plain lanyards will come with a standard metal clip and with breakaway safety feature(optional) and are the perfect choice if you want to hand them to your emplyees,visitors or just to carry ID passes, keys, etc.

You can have them in 4 width variations(10mm to 25mm) and you can choose from 24 stock colours. We also offer you the pantone match option.

The plain lanyards have the same high manufacture standard like all our products.

Please note, the product may differ slightly from actual image.

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